Attack on Titan

New Release: TV anime “Attack on Titan”, a 1/6 scale figure “Levi: The strongest soldier alive”


人類最強の兵士 リヴァイ 1/6スケールフィギュア

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its broadcast and marking its grand finale, from the TV anime "Attack on Titan", "Levi: The strongest soldier alive" is now introduced as a 1/6 scale figure! It will be available for pre-order from October 24th (Tue) at 11:00 JST until February 5th, 2024 (Mon) 23:59 JST.

To recreate the moments in Levi’s numerous battle scenes where he spins and strikes down enemies, professionals from various fields came together to fully realize the figure in 3D. The main body of Levi was entrusted to Ms. SATO, who has extensive experience in crafting male character figures. True to the phrase, “We pondered what the ‘ideal Levi’ figure that everyone desires would be, and naturally, we settled on Levi powerfully soaring through the air in a battle scene.” (Ms. SATO), an immersive "ideal Levi" was completed. The figure was created using a method where the muscles are sculpted first, followed by adding the clothing, allowing for a sense of a well-toned physique through realistic wrinkle details. Moreover, the figure captures Levi's gaze fixed on the titan before him, with a three-dimensional design that naturally casts shadows on the creases of his brows and eyelids.

The 3D maneuver gear was crafted by Pawretta Co., Ltd., specialists in mechanical detailing. "The detailing is as meticulous as that of the 1/6 scale main figure. It comes with two types of blades, capturing the dynamic intensity of battle.

The experienced PINPOINT.,Inc handled the coloring. The green of the scout regiment cloak, which occupies a large area, has been given a rich gradient expression to make it appear as if it's illuminated by light. For the 3D maneuver gear, a variety of metallic sheens were used, resulting in a finish with a sense of weight.

The dynamic “The strongest soldier alive” is born here and now. We hope you'll truly enjoy the gallant figure of Lieutenant Levi, befitting the grand finale of the story, in your own hands.

For those outside of Japan, orders are now being accepted on PONY CANYON's cross-border e-commerce site, PONYCANYON SHOP. Additionally, as a special bonus, all pre-orders will receive a complimentary “Acrylic Stand.”

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【Product Information】

Title of the Anime : Attack on Titan

Product Name: Levi: The strongest soldier alive

Specifications: Painted finished product made of ABS & PVC (1/6 scale, includes dedicated stand, comes with optional parts: two types of blades)

Height: Approximately 235mm

Price: ¥38,182

Order Period: Oct 24th, 2023 (Tue) 11:00 AM JST - Feb 5th, 2024 (Mon) 11:59 PM JST

Release: Scheduled for November 2024

Product Number: BRZP.11872

EAN: 4524135118677

Sculptor: SATO

3D Maneuver Gear Production: Pawretta Co., Ltd.

Coloring: PINPOINT.,Inc

Photograph: KON, Shokotto

Calligraphy: Calligrapher Sokyo

Production Assistance: Amaterasu Co., Ltd.

Distributor & Seller: PONY CANYON INC

Country of Origin: China

Copyright Notice

Domestic: Ⓒ諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」The Final Season製作委員会

Overseas: ⒸHajime Isayama,Kodansha/"ATTACK ON TITAN"Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.

Please be aware that product release dates and specifications may change, be delayed, or be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

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