Attack on Titan

Orders are now open for “Attack on Titan” a figure “Levi: The strongest soldier alive”Oct 24th, 2023 (Tue) 11:00 AM JST - Feb 5th, 2024 (Mon) 11:59 PM JST


Levi: the strongest soldier alive

Title of the Anime: Attack on Titan

Product Name: Levi: The strongest soldier alive

Price: ¥38,182

《 Order Period 》Oct 24th, 2023 (Tue) 11:00 AM JST - Feb 5th, 2024 (Mon) 11:59 PM JST

Specifications: Painted finished product made of ABS & PVC(1/6 scale, includes dedicated stand, comes with optional parts: two types of blades)

Height: Approximately 235mm

Release: Scheduled for November 2024

Product Number: BRZP.11872

EAN: 4524135118677

Sculptor: SATO

3D Maneuver Gear Production: Pawretta Co., Ltd.

Coloring: PINPOINT.,Inc

Photograph: KON, Shokotto

Calligraphy: Calligrapher Sokyo

Production Assistance: Amaterasu Co., Ltd.

Distributor & Seller: PONY CANYON INC

Country of Origin: China

Please be aware that product release dates and specifications may change, be delayed, or be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

This is a product for customers living in United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Australia, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Philippines, Canada, Malaysia, France, Mexico, and United Kingdom. Please note that some areas are not available for delivery.


Levi, the strongest soldier alive, from the TV anime ”Attack on Titan” is now turned into a figure with an original pose.Join our conversation with figure sculptor Ms. SATO, who endeavored to capture the “ideal Levi.”

PONY CANYON unveils a brand-new collectible figure.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the TV anime "Attack on Titan", we are offering a made-to-order 1/6 scale figure “Levi: the strongest soldier alive” (Orders accepted until 23:59 JST on February 5th, 2024).

The figure's announcement made waves on social media, drawing attention from fans worldwide.

Crafted by the sculptor Ms. Sato, this meticulously designed "ideal Levi" took over two years to perfect.

We had the chance to dive into the story behind its creation with her!


The joy of turning her favorite character into a figure—what sparked the desire to become a sculptor?

——To start, could you tell us about your work history as a sculptor?

I began creating figures about 10 years ago, and it's been about 8 years since I've been doing it commercially. My interest in figures began when I fell in love with the anime "TIGER & BUNNY" (known as Taibani). From there, I learned about events like the "Wonder Festival" (known as WonFes), where unique garage kits are unveiled, and the fact that some are so exclusive you have to pre-order. My growing fascination with the world of figures led me to join a modeling workshop in Asakusa to improve my skills in figure creation.


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